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Resilience = Prepared for the Unexpected

Our Experience

With almost 40 years combined experience in the security industry we help companies and private individuals assess and mitigate global risks. Our value is in helping you make sound security decisions while living true to your company and personal values.  

Our Approach

We focus on understanding your business and your company culture and then applying practical security solutions to fit your risks and needs.  

We can help you identify risks to you or your business and help you design and implement strategies to mitigate them.  Lighthouse Global Solutions' services include strategic and tactical assistance before, during and after times of crisis. 

Why Us?

Solid plans and response strategies make businesses more resilient and resilient people and businesses can weather any crisis.  In today's uncertain world it is even more important to make sure that your people, your information and your facilities are protected. 

Lighthouse Global Solutions can help you investigate internal issues, design and implement security strategies and audit and review your full range of security programs. 

If you need long-term tactical assistance, we can help you identify, screen and hire the best resources. 

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